Ealing addresses CIL at roundtable

Fri 23 November 2012, 3:34 pm

A special CIL roundtable discussion organised by 3Fox saw a range of interesting and controversial opinions expressed at Ealing Council's offices this week.

Ealing Council and development partners discuss CIL

Among the topics discussed were:

  • Can CIL be used by boroughs in competing with each other for development?
  • How are CIL levels to be benchmarked?
  • What will CIL funds be spent on and how specific will councils be in allocating CIL funds?
  • What will the effects of CIL be on affordable housing?
  • Should CIL rates vary by location within a borough?
  • What is the phasing of CIL payments?

Ealing's CIL viability studies were undertaken by BNP Paribas Real Estate a year ago, with a final report due in early 2013, to be followed by consultation and then adoption by December 2013. Charging will begin in January 2014.

This process, as well as and plans for CIL rates across London, were discussed at a special roundtable on 22 November by Ealing Council officers Pat Hayes, Lucy Taylor, Noel Rutherford and Samantha Powell, along with Berkeley Homes chairman Tony Pidgley and partners and directors of Benson Elliot, Countryside Properties, Catalyst Housing, GVA, Savills and EC Harris.

"It was a really usefully session that gave us valuable insights," said Ealing Council executive director regeneration and housing Pat Hayes.

"It's especially helpful when the people doing the development work confirm our thinking. We want to encourage, and be seen to be encouraging, development in Ealing and that means working with the development industry to understand how our requirements and theirs can be matched."

3Fox organised the session on Ealing's behalf, and will do the same for Ealing's delegation to MIPIM 2013. Hayes announced that initiative, as well as plans for a fourth issue of Ealing in London magazine in the New Year, during the roundtable discussion.


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