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Moorfield Group

Company type: Fund Manager

Moorfield Group is a UK based real estate and real estate related private equity fund manager.

Moorfield currently manages three real estate private equity funds for third party investors: the Moorfield Real Estate Fund, the Moorfield Real Estate Fund II, and; the Moorfield Real Estate Fund III (collectively referred to as the MREF Funds) - which we also invest directly in.  We additionally manage some pre-MREF Funds investments directly through Moorfield Group Limited and subsidiaries.

Moorfield has a diverse and flexible approach to real estate investment and development that is reflected in its corporate structure, which can generally be categorised as follows:

  • Traditional Real Estate Investment Team – this team is responsible for ‘Traditional’ real estate investment in single assets or portfolios of assets that provide investment income or development profit and often require active asset management initiatives to enhance value. Traditional real estate is defined as office, retail and industrial (and the sub-sectors thereof).
  • Alternative Real Estate Investment Team – this team is responsible for ‘Alternative’ real estate investment and Indirect real estate investment opportunities (of both Traditional and Alternative real estate). Alternative real estate is defined as any asset backed sector that is not defined as Traditional, such as student accommodation, hotels, hostels, pubs, retirement villages and residential. Indirect investment includes investments through: corporate acquisitions; joint ventures; the provision of venture/development capital; the provision of debt or mezzanine finance; the acquisition of debt; and strategic investment in listed companies’ equity.
  • Asset Management Team – this team is responsible for all the investment opportunities acquired and implements proactive asset, operational and financial management initiatives to enhance value (i.e. the Business Plan). Within the Moorfield Asset Management team there are specialisms that include: real estate (investment and development); fund management; legal; corporate finance; debt finance; planning; sustainability; and operational.
  • Finance Team – this team is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the financial performance of the investments and manages the banking relationships together with looking after the day to day accounts of the Group.

The boundaries between each of these teams blur frequently and this cross utilisation of skills enables Moorfield to consider and manage a wide range of investment opportunities and to evaluate each from broad and varied angles.

In order to facilitate the formation and management of the MREF Funds and the structure of transactions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Moorfield Group, Moorfield Investment Management Limited is utilised. This company is regulated by the FCA and is also a full member of the British Venture Capital Association (BVCA).

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Moorfield Group

Nightingale House
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T: 020 7399 1900