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Land Securities

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Land Securities is the UK's largest Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a commercial property portfolio worth approximately £11.76bn (as at 30 September 2013). We are a FTSE 100company, who own and manage approximately 26 million sq ft of commercial property and provide property services to more than 2,500 private and public sector clients.

We go beyond bricks and mortar, through design, community engagement and customer service to create places where people choose to shop, are proud to work and want to live.

In January 2009 we sold our Trillium property outsourcing business and now focus our activities on the London and Retail businesses.

In London, we are helping to reshape one of the world's great cities. Using our knowledge, experience and scale, we develop and manage the highest quality office, retail and residential space. The portfolio has been substantially re-configured over recent years with an emphasis on a number of "clusters" of properties within central London to achieve economies of scale and cross-benefits between new schemes and surrounding holdings. There are major clusters in the West End, City & Docklands, Mid-town and South Bank, augmented by strategic land sites including Ebbsfleet Valley and Lodge Hill.

In Retail, we have established the reputation as one of the industry's most active and forward thinking owners and managers of retail property. The business operates across many sub-sectors of the retail market including shopping centres, factory outlets, retail parks and food stores and is also involved in ancillary uses to retail such as leisure, restaurants and cafes, residential apartments, car parking and hotels. Our shopping centre and retail park portfolio extends across the whole of the UK with retail holdings in a large portion of key cities, such as Aberdeen, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Portsmouth. Our Retail experience is focused on delighting the customers who make 350 million visits to these locations every year and creating environments in which retailers can thrive.

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Land Securities

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